What is jon-ji?


jazz folk blues for the love jones
cowboy bebop and gypsy crawl
something old, something new
21st century blues
not trying to be hip
not trying to be square
just trying to find
some peace in the chaos
some space in the clutter
some rain on our tongues
and sun in our hearts
some heat in the night
some sweat on our lips
some laughter in the daylight
and joy in a smile
after a cool breeze
across the cheeks
of a sweet summer kiss


About jon-ji

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  1. Janet Mueller says:


    I found your FB Page & then your website via John Parenti’s FB page. I have listened to your music & appreciate your sound. I downloaded the free (two) tunes & want to purchase your CD or MP3 songs when they are available. I will watch your posts for availability.

    The recordings are clean & professional. Think our kids (now in their 20’s & 30’s) will also enjoy your music!

    Isn’t the internet wonderful? Without it I may not have heard your music!

    Janet Mueller

    • jonji says:

      Hey Janet, thanks for the kind words. So, we have JP in common. That’s great, I love that guy! He’s worked wonders with many of the recordings. I’ll definitely keep you posted when we lined up the next album. Yeah, I agree, the internet is amazing. I have “met” so many awesome people and discovered new things that would have just been impossible before. I love it. The only thing I like more is touring and meeting people face to face. Thanks again, and don’t forget to “like” the facebook page to get updates about the upcoming album and tours. Or better yet, drop by, say hello on the page or let me know your favorite new discovery. Click here. https://www.facebook.com/jonjifb

      Thanks again, Janet, great to hear from you.

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