what i learned during summer vacation.

ha no.
but what i learned on my april tour.

1. after 2 days, i want to come home. after 4, i don’t. ever.

2. cows lie down when they’re tired. i’ve seen cows laying in the sun, and standing in the rain.



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  1. Tink says:

    hmm…so cows love rain? Might be feeling so refreshing, no? Have you seen them in the snow? Just curious ;p
    Have you noticed? Humans do the same. Maybe, when we are comfortable in the current condition (such as under sunny & bright weather), no need to make any efforts to change the situation. so, we can lie down and sleep. It’s ok to be lazy. But under an uncomfortable condition, like those rainy days….we gotta think and act rightly in order to bring some comfort.
    ….Mercury made me think of this. ha ha ha.

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