venus at dawn

the sky was turning lighter shade of black-becoming-blue.
venus sitting right above the mountain ridgeline off to the east
the big mountains separating us from the real desert.
not the hum of the southern california freeway at 5:30 in the morning,
but the giant quiet desert, so silent and calm at night, so hard and fierce in the day.

venus was so big and bright, and seemingly all alone, since the sky had begun to turn.
she was ready to go, yet, she hung up there with a watchful eye.
is she lonely, does she linger?
maybe to see what happens next, maybe to see all home safely.
or maybe since this was saturday becoming sunday morning,
venus was not done with humans and their game of love.

is she happy, sad, or curious?

is she happy, sad, or curious?

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  1. Hanabananaluvpboatmeal says:

    She’s curious. Definitely curious about us, the funny creatures on Earth…

  2. lorelei says:

    Happy. Curious, then sad.

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