Thank you!

Thank you!  Is that enough reason for a post? I think so. I’ve met so many really great people lately. Everybody has their own story, and it’s fuel. For the songs, for the music, for the art. I love it. It’s so much better when it’s about the art, not just another gig. The response at shows lately has been amazing. Truly amazing. So, if I met you playing solo guitar, intimate stuff, or strumming and humming, doing a song sway in Poway or LA,  or rockin’ with the twins at Prohibition, I just want to say Thank You!  It’s been such a great run, lately. Drop me a line, say sup sup,  let me know what’s going on. Maybe we made your night, maybe you made our night. Maybe we can play for you at your next big thing. It’s all good.

Been playing a long time, and it’s never been better. Thank you, all!!

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  1. Hanakitty says:

    sounds like you’re in a happy flow :))))))) yeah, I know how you feel. Being grateful for my flower community, too. it’s been happily busy. Learning from all the different teams. wish I could have your fun show here in the east though. you’ll make it one day, right?! lookin’ forward to it, jon 😀

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