she loved him so. billie holiday lester young.

the deep side: lester young and billie holiday

the deep side: lester young and billie holiday

she loved him.
and she felt him.
as a deep musician, she could hear him speaking.
watch her face at :20
the note he chose spoke to her.
they were both beautiful, and some say tragic, but i don’t think so. they lived intensely.
just watch.

for more. just for starters. it’s so much deeper than this.
billie holiday

lester young – my inspiration.

when i was first learning jazz, i found a bunch of lester young recordings at the springfield library. they had this singer on them, and she was unlike anything i’d ever heard.
i learned every lester solo on the record, and billie sank deep into my soul.

this is cool if you want to know more.

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