saturated? social media burnout

So, is social media burnt? Or am I little bit ahead of things here? Or do I have my head up my ……

We all know that you can invite 200 people from Myspace to come to your show and maybe one of them will come. Still, that one is worth it. It is just that the average Myspace user had been so inundated with band requests that they have gone numb.

Now, on Facebook, I get about 20 event invites a week. It’s way more than that, but I can’t count them, because I don’t read them anymore. Why?

I imagine it’s no different for you.

What are we supposed to do?

I have no idea.

Except one.
Go out and meet people.
I have cut back on social media a lot. Little space, little face, and then that’s it. Tweet once is blue moon, but more out of guilt than anything else.

By going out, you make actual human connections with people. Then you can use whatever means you want to stay in contact with them. And do stay in contact with them. And do go to their shows. And don’t only think, what can this person do for me. In the old days, when you met someone, did you think “what can they do for me? will they come to my show, exhibit, public execution etc..?” I doubt it. You, like I, probably thought, “this person is cool” or “this person is a bunghole.” (Remember, it’s the old days, you can say bunghole.) When I go on tour, I meet all kinds of great people, and we exchange emails, maybe sites, and then follow up. But these things mean something now because we’ve met. There is something just way more powerful about really meeting someone.

I know. I should go out to some of the 20 events I’m invited to, but most of these people I don’t know and have never really met. Friended when we were all so young and foolish. Ha ha.

Am I a techno-hippie?

But, what do you think? What’s the next wave? Are we returning to the roots? How can we use social media without abusing it? Can we stop the face from becoming the space?
I would love to see a real discussion about this. thanks!

I want your ideas, because I’m toast.

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  1. Hana says:

    Hola, it seems you’re a bit stressed out about all of these ” social media ” black hole? I may come up with something to say tomorrow. I’m just too sleepy to write now. ha ha. I’ll think about this later. Hey, take 3 deep breaths, and be well 😉 I’m gonna crash now….zzzzzzzzzzz……..

  2. Alan Land says:

    Being in the conference business, I’d say your ratio of invites to attendees is about normal. Advertising works, but it’s not 100% effective.

    There’s lots to do in SD, so you gotta bite the bullet and keep inviting. I don’t hear much about where you are playing, but I’ll show up sometimes when I do.

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