Pt 2 0f life – Getting Grounded and Being True to Yourself

This year I’ve decided to do things differently. Over the past few years in the music business I have focused more and more on marketing. While it was a great learning experience, and still so much to be learned, it also proved to be a diversion. I found myself wanting to spend more time writing songs and practicing. Instead, I was spending all my time on posting here, posting there, press releases, booking, facebook, myspace, twitter, tumblr, etc…. Now, that’s all fine and good, but I am first and foremost a singer/writer/musician. I feel best when I create, and I need to keep creating. Otherwise, I feel, well, like not me. Lost.

So, I took a step back. Way back. I focused on my morning journals, I joined an online songwriting group (KC Turner Songwriting Group), I am on a reading binge, and studying anything and everything that my passion points me to. Writing songs, playing gigs, putting my music out there, but not chasing the dream. That is the big twist. Not chasing the dream.

Did I give up? Nope. I realized that living this way, fulfilling my passions, my hunger for knowledge and leaving real time to create is the dream come true. I realized that fame, financial success, and all that is very much due to luck. It’s not only about talent. Often, it’s not about talent at all. It’s luck, and luck begets luck. It is probably the single most important factor.

Do I still want to get lucky? Sure do, but I am not waiting till then to be happy. ( I am not afraid to be happy anymore, either, but that is another topic to address someday. Maybe soon.) I will still promote, I will still work, I will still strive, but I don’t depend on these outward signs of success to feel validated. I still work, because I would love to travel the world, playing my music and being rewarded handsomely. And there is no way to get lucky if you are not in the game.  There is a quote from Woody Allen, that goes something like ” Eighty percent of success is just showing up.” I have always interpreted this to mean that you have to be out there for luck to come your way. So, yes, I’ll stay in the game.

But, it’s on my terms now. It makes it so much easier to make decisions and choices when you know your values and priorities. I don’t stress about making this show or that. I’ll try, but I’m not going to worry. If I’m to get lucky, I’ll get lucky, if I’m not, I’m not. No worries, because I am just as happy to sit here, drink my oolong tea, and write a new song.

So, I’m clearing out a lot of the old trying-too-hard. Going through all the blogs in my reader and deleting those that I only have in there for self-serving purposes. I don’t even read them. In doing so, though, I have come back across on of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits. I never followed the directions, and did the start here part. This time I did, and came across a great article about creativity. If you are curious about the process, or if you are the creative type, I know you will enjoy it. And, of course, I loved it, because it agrees with my thinking. Ha ha!  This is how we are, no? Anyway, here is the article: The Number One Habit of Highly Creative People.

My days are full, from the second I wake, till I pass out with a book late at night. Sure, there is still stress, but that is life, and good fuel sometimes. But it is balanced by the quiet joy of feeding my passions. I hope you can find your passion, make it a priority, and feel the same. You can if you want to.

Well, that’s my nickle. You can keep the change.


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