Go Back to Start, Collect 50Cents. Busking Hillcrest San Diego

I decided to return to the beginning. To prove to the universe that I really want this. I grabbed the gypsy bigmouth and headed out to Hillcrest to busk on fifth avenue. No amp, no mic, just old school.
It was a lot of fun and helped bring me back to earth too. I wasn’t there long, and I picked a lame spot. That’s all ok, I went to be out there, that’s all. Not to hustle up any money. More of that to come.
I made 50cents. That’s it. Last night I made $150 at a club, but today was liberating.
I took the first small step on the epic journey. And, it’s all good, I just got me a new pair of walking shoes.
Hope you follow me as I go on this walkabout.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love this story. Taking it to the streets. I am glad it was good for you and am sure it improved the vibes in the neighborhood. Hope to see you along the way. Hugs, Rachel

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