Jon Ji Dear Old World CoverDear Old World EP

Six songs. A wild caravan ride and a night under the stars. Cowboy bebop and gypsy crawl.

Recorded in the fall of 2013, and mixed for a bazillion hours. This album features the gypsy guitar. Some songs are in a hot-club  style, most are not. I just really like this guitar, and I totally geek out on it on this album. All songs were tracked live, vocals and rhythm guitar at the same time. No click tracks. Solos were overdubed as were bass and vocal harmonies. I played and sang everything on the album, for better and/or worse. 🙂 This album has some of the best solos I’ve ever played in my life. All songs are originals this time around. Listen/buy here.

It was recorded on a Lenovo Thinkpad V570 laptop using Reaper software. Almost all plug-ins were native or free, with the exception of the Waves L2. Audio interface is a Roland Octa-Capture.  I used 3 mics, two crappy but good enough and one nice dynamic. Two CAD CM217 and a Sennheiser E845. Geekin!

The studio was the oh-so-conveniently located My Living Room Studios in sunny San Diego. Ack (too much sun, I have become a vampire.) Songs are plucked from a batch written over the past two years or so.  Each will get it’s own page, complete with lyrics and other stuff, but for now, I’ll just list them.

1. Tumble Dry – This is the crazy caravan ride of a song. The solo came out so neat and crazy, I got a tear in my ear (just dust from the wagon wheel, i swear.) The lyrics are very poetic and just sort of say….well, hey, maybe i shouldn’t tell you, you decide. (lyrics/info)

2. Maybe – This a semi-short little lust/love song. Nice little groove, perchance a toe-tapper.

3. In My Shoes – One of my favorite songs. I have many different versions of it. This one is stripped down, guitar/vox, with cool shimmy leads that come in and out. I’m really proud of the voicings on the solo. (maybe i should have a special geek font for those kind of statements. )

4. Seven Steps – Ok, here is some hot-club type jangle. I wrote this one to go along with the Speakeasy Club gig I play every Friday night. Rowdy, spooky, and get’s the flappers swinging the Charleston 20s. This track has the best solos I’ve ever played. I really sweated these and I’m might’ proud I must confess.

5. Always Fall – This is probably my favorite character to inhabit. Slinky, spooky, cool chords, yin/yang, dark with a few glimpses of the Orion Nubula.

6. Dear Old World – The subtitle of this song is “A love letter to a world that never was.” It’s about that fantasy that things were better in some previous time. And perhaps in some ways they were, and others they weren’t. But the idea of this time past in our minds is so seductive, if i could go back to the place in my mind, i would. Or maybe it’s a fantasy world that we have to create here and now.

I guess that’s it for now. If somehow you got here and you don’t have the album yet, what are you waiting for? You can get it here: