life is strange

life is strange and life is wonderful and it doesn’t go any way you thought it would slow the rules go stopping to say hello then bustle and bump and rush to pass by because black is white and the sun can turn blue the oceans turn lemon as i swim deep with you for […] Read more »

the spoon jumped over the moon

one hundred chinese poems staring back at me rhythm sticks lay on the ground dark aborigine a collection of gypsy jazz and a shirt that is much too small waiting to be sent to a child in the fall this pattern is my prison of walls myself i make of rhythms like a curse on […] Read more »

venus at dawn

the sky was turning lighter shade of black-becoming-blue. venus sitting right above the mountain ridgeline off to the east the big mountains separating us from the real desert. not the hum of the southern california freeway at 5:30 in the morning, but the giant quiet desert, so silent and calm at night, so hard and […] Read more »