Well, what do you think?

So, instead of a fancy-schmancy post, I just want to ask a simple question. What you do think? Put it in comments below. My blog has so many spider webs, i don’t expect much dialogue, yet. But this is changing soon. So, maybe you can be early adopter, and say you were there then. ~j […] Read more »

Thank you!

Thank you!  Is that enough reason for a post? I think so. I’ve met so many really great people lately. Everybody has their own story, and it’s fuel. For the songs, for the music, for the art. I love it. It’s so much better when it’s about the art, not just another gig. The response […] Read more »

why do we ….

As an artist, I have always struggled with the whole art vs. commerce thing. Mostly in my head, but plenty in three dimensions too. The questions are: Why do we write? For whom, ourselves or the audience? Can you do both? Is it a personal journey? Or is it best used in the service of […] Read more »