before the rain – a short scribble

Today is different than yesterday
wake me up and let me dream the day through
eyes wide open
chimes blowing
leaves skirting ‘cross the ground
as if embarrassed and shy
trying to hide from sight
ashamed at their passing glory,
their exuberance.
not realizing that they are more beautiful today
than when flush with green hanging by a limb.

Now, each of their colors is more unique,
affected and effected by their particular disposition
towards the sunlight.
Curled, some cracked,
yet so much more intriguing, and so much the individual,
and free to go where the wind takes them, not bound and not resisting.
Their mortality now understood and certain,
they are free finally, to go where the wind blows,
in the courtyard, swept off the steps and across the lawns.
Despite the browning, they don’t look as if they are dying,
they seem to be journeying.
No longer tethered, going to places we can only guess.
We just catch a glimpse,
a curious and envious glance, as they scurry by.
Feeling a great future awaits,
we just have to wait and see
and watch
the bustle of the leaves.


a friend reposted this from another site i have. i had totally forgotten about it. when i started reading it, i didn’t even know it was mine for a few lines. hope you enjoy.

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  1. Hana says:

    Hola, amigo! Love, Love, Love this scribble so much 🙂 I’m happy that you bring it up. You rock, jon!!!

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